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Quick morning update

Why can't I sleep more than 4 hours? Well even less than 4 hours today. I woke at past 6 (sure it was before 7) and drank some healthy drink that came with that body gel (only one came as a bonus, but it's enough, it was terrible) smoked. And As usual my body was tired, I don't know why I've been so tired, and thought about going to acupuncture, but remembered that I was told to do some sports to make a body stronger, so decided to go to gym after ages. Maybe it helps my sleeping problem and tiredness. But checked at schedule, and gym starts from 10am on Sats, so I decided to have right breakfast, somehow Mcdonalds came in my brain, went and got muffin sandwich with tune again, hashed brown and nuggets. I didn't eat mcdonalds at all until the day before yesterday, but since that day I had mcdonalds for three days in a row)) Yesterday I got Big mac and nuggets. I'm going to gym after writing this...I'll run or something for a bit, and get home, and go to a hair salon to cut my bangs a little, and go shopping for some stuff... My day started so early, but I haven't done anything. It's 11am... (I think i took lots of time to decide how to kill time until gym, and then what to eat for breakfast) Anniversary party's started at Mitia's bar since yesterday, am going there tomorrow (last day) buffet will be there.


Make Up For Ever

Waa pandas! *_* Thank you alknew & leafy!! <3

Soo..these makeups came today! (BTW yesterday Mango came!^^) Make Up For Ever - my favorite makeup brand. I personally don't like foundation, so I've been always doing my skin with this Velvet finish powder, and 5 Camouflage palette cream - has 5 types - white to asian to black. I was using a bronzer of Bobbi brown, but I decided to try of this brand, and found Sculpting Kit which is bronzer + Highlighter, and also got a brush for that :) (the eye line pencil came as a bonus^^) I'd also like to try their mascara since it seems good to eye brushes. When I was young I liked make up stuff a lot and tried many stuff, many colors of different brands, but now I just do quick in the morning))) Now I know what I like. Eye liner - Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner 10 Noir It's easy to line, and I always use only a bit of the liquid to make it rather gray than black. And for brush - Dior Blush 939 rosebud.


京都 - Kioto part. 5 and about hair

Today I went to a hair salon to cut and dye my hair. I picked a brand new autumn color - Melty Chocolat))) The result - I like it, and it's darker than my eyes, but next time I might try even one tone darker. My hair gets lighter so fast :( A friend invited me to go to his friend's and learn salsa and have dinner together (his friend is an instructor) but when I left a salon it was almost 7pm, and I was tired  irritated a little, so decided to go home, had a smoke, ate, and here I am :)

On Friday I didn't have any plans so went to Kioto and visitted a museum in Okazaki, where Yuichi Takahashi's exhibition was going on. Okazaki (in Kioto) is a place, there are some museums (3 I think?) and cafes, I finally ate tarte tatin there!

Doesn't look so nice in the pic.

Ah how boring my photo is. Many similar angle.

Another retro cafe in Shijo. フランソア喫茶室。

And I ordered a chocolate cake. A woman said eating cake with cream - old fashion.
The cake is unlike other japanese cakes - not soft at all. And it is sweet. I also noticed apricot jam. It's more like russian cake :)



Getting ready for my new work

So yesterday I went shopping for shoes. For work I need black and white pumps, and white sneakers. But I couldn't find white ones. I always have a trouble with pumps, but this time I finally found good ones! At first I was thinking of cheap ones since it's for work, but thinking well - if shoes didn't fit - I wouldn't wear. As soon as I got into the store, the man talked to me and recommended me one pair of pumps because it's good shoes. He even said he would make it a little cheaper and did a service of anti slip sticker. The shoes are very soft, nice leather, and fit my feet perfect. It's nothing like made in Italy, but is made well, the brand is Yoshito. http://www.newlondon.co.jp/ I thought I would wear 23.5cm, but he said for me - 23cm, 22.5 can be okay too. What... But he was true, 23.5 was too big, and 23 cm is very comfortable, the shoes could become bigger after a while, then he said he would repair to make it tight whenever I bring :)

The pumps - on the right. Boots on the middle - I got at Mango recently.
And ballet shoes by Repetto on the left - I mentioned in earlier post.

This is a cafe in Namba (Nihonbashi) It's a retro one in super city! Since 1933! Kinichi took me there once, and I got to like it there. The original cafe is in Namba, but now it's also found at air port (was not at Kansai air port, though) Its cafe au lait - thumbs up.

And I was told to get a scheduler. Yea I mix up plans a lot... I like notebooks - Rollbahn, and got a scheduler of that too, but it starts from Oct, so today got another one. It's for kids, but who cares?)) Elmoooo!

As writte there, tonight - french restaurant <3 (so right now am just snacking on choc cakes)

P.S. I need to improve my English, if you find any mistakes and not bother - feel free to correct. I'll appreciate! Well more like I need to learn english for business. I'm usually very lazy and leave mistakes even when I notice, and they become my habit...(

京都 - Kioto - Part. 4

I went to Ginkakuji on Sun. Gin of ginkakuji means silver, and Kin of kinkakuji means gold. I personally prefer Ginkakuji, it has a unique dry sand garden. To be honest I'm not satisfied with my photos at all, but put here anyway so you will at least have an idea what it looks like. (Hope to make better ones some day)

You see Ginkakuji on the right. Yea I know it's cut...(

Dry sand garden

Coins! Coins!

Ginkakuji is located near Nanzenji. I had a walk on tetsugaku no michi - street of philosophy and took photos.

That day my plan was changed a lot. At first wanted to go to a museum around Kinkakuji, but decided to go another day. Then felt like tarte tatin at La Voiture in Okazaki, but didn't make it. In Okazaki there is also a museum and heian jingu (maybe spring is nice to go there) I'm waiting for trees to turn red, then Kioto looks so beautiful. I'd go to Arashiyama and Takagamine.

I want to write about some personal stuff, but am too tired now.


Islands of Art

So We went to the islands - Te-shima (豊島) and Nao-shima (直島) They are located around Shikoku. (the prefecture is Kagawa, which is also known as Udon prefecture (うどん県) We got passports of Udon ken^^)

First we went to Te-shima by Ferry ship, heading to Teshima art museum. The museum was just amazing!!!! It's one of my favorites I saw on this trip. Unfortunately It was forbidden to take a photo inside. But Kinichi made some shots, so maybe I can show later ;)


Cafe inside of the museum. It is similar to the museum. In the museum it's not like you see photos or paintings, but the musem itself is the art. It's a collaboration of an architect Riue Nishizawa and an artist Rei Naitou. I was walking with my bare feet, felt so good. All white and and there are two big holes on the ceiling, shine comes into room, the natural light was just so beautiful. A string hangs on each hole, you come closer, they look purple. On the ground there were lots of water drops, and they move like ameba. It was such a unique space, I always admired the atomosphare although it is not similar to anything we have here. Nice to sit, lie, and just felt the space. Under the holes there were sunny spots, but if it rains, the space should look totally different. It stands in nature.

After that we headed to Nao shima by Ferry. Had a night then the next day we visitted Lee Ufan museum.

Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama


Lee Ufan museum. Yea, we were not allowed to take photos inside..( There were 3 rooms to see and a rock. My favorite was the last room, there were 3 paintings? on the wall, and in the space perspective was strange. It's called meditation room. (瞑想の間)

We also checked Art house project, visitted 6 places. Started with Minami-dera (minami temple) I thought I would look around a temple, but I was wrong. It was also my favorite!!!! I had such a great experience there. Was never in such darkness. It's called "backside of the moon" I think I was there around 15min (was told so) but had no idea. After a while, long or not so long, eyes get used to see the darkness, and I saw lights there. I can't explain well. But it was just wow.

So as you already know, I couldn't take photos. But took photos of some outside.

Haisha. I liked this house very much too! Was so crazy!!!)))))

Goo shrine

:3 看板娘だね

There are also Chichu art museum and Benesse art museum, but we couldn't make it. Maybe sometime...))


Dobroe utro :)

Im on the train home from the airport. I was seeing off kinichi, hes going back to france for a month. I like airport btw, but only if i was not carrying a big bag. We were on the trip to islands around shikoku - tejima and nao shima, which were so artistic! I had a really nice experience so ill update later!! First i need some more sleep :)

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Again sorry for not replying i havent had time to sit at comp. I just got home and its 6am! I noticed that i create depression from anything. And now you know my depression is nothing but nonsense. Like on the way home i was thinking: i talked too much...
Well its not depression but 憂鬱さ。 btw i went to kioto again this week so ill upload pics later. And i have a news that i got another job. Yesterday i was walking and a guy talked to me. Thats how a job came to me. Im too lazy to wtite all now. Even thinking about washing a face makes me -_-

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京都 Part 2

This time we went to famous places - Kinkakuji and Riuanji. Kinkakuji is made with gold, and Riuanji is famous for its garden with rocks. There are 15 rocks, but from anywhere you can only see 14. After that we sat at cafe near by, and I had linzer torte and green tea. And we had dinner at organic place - it was very nice. It's a very small restaurant, which is built in the old japanese house, very cozy, and they serve brown rice, miso soup, a few kinds of salad, and many obanzai dishes- mostly veggie on a buffet table. We really liked it! We were lucky because they've started buffet meals for dinner since August 1. You can see photos here - matsutomiya kotobuki ichie

[By the way...]
Btw today I got a new pair of shoes at Repetto, it's a french brand for ballet shoes, and I used to wear often, their leather is soft, I had 3, but 2 of them were bitten by my obaka dog. Before I wore size 36 (23cm), but the first one was very confy (maybe the first one was 36 1/2, but not sure maybe 36), (the other 2 - can you imagine, I only had a chance to wear a few times) this time I got 37 1/2 ( 23.7cm) because the woman said in 36 1/2 my toes do touch so I got bigger size, and walked in them instead of my sandals, I walked a lot from Namba to Shinsai, my toes did touch, and hurt, even my ankles! Why is that?? Do I need even bigger size? The width is big enough, and I guess the leather (goat) will lose, but I'm disappointed for that.. :( Can't wear.

Boring daily stuff

So im at starbucks. Recently im into their chai latte w/ soy milk :) Well my weekend was not so good. On sat went to a friends sayonara party but according to horoscope i should have stayed at home, but anyway i went. And it was not bad at all but after i got home i still felt not so good. On sun i was again not in the best mood. But at least i got a new italian bikini. I couldnt find a nice one piece swimsuit. It seems not in mode. I wrote a random negative stuff on facebook. No one did anything bad to me but in my head. Im kinda frustrated. But what i want?? About parties i like it just to meet ppl i like, but to be honest i dont like "party ppl" strangers -_- because in japan fireign guys think they r cool and japanese girls act slutty. This morning i went to a ballet lesson again after a long break. It was good :) And this week im going to kioto again! Cant wait))) i need more healthy fun stuff than night life at the moment.

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