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Я в Питере

Так...недавно приехала сюда.

Ну нравится здесь, погода приятная, пока ночи более-менее белые.

Но у меня здесь нет друзей, ну точнее есть, но пока нет, все уехали.

А мне скучновато.

Вчера сходила на массаж, было все замечательно, массаж радует очень, но это я не могу каждый день))

Что происходит в Питере? Какие нибудь выставки?

А кому скучно?) Что мне делать сегодня..
naked tattoo

Some to catch up (not really)

Thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post! Very nice :) I will comment back later. Sorry I'm always late.

Btw 8th March is women's day! It's a very important holiday in Russia, but am not sure which countries do celebrate the holiday. In Japan, we don't, but I got some flowers from my dad and friend, then had a family dinner at restaurant. I love 8 March, which makes me realize again how nice to be a woman! Hope all you ladies had a nice day. I also realized I've had this blog over a year. Pity, that I don't have much time to write.

From 8 March ^^

At fashion show last sunday "Kansai collection"

New Mercedes A-class, comes out in the end of April.

naked tattoo

Trip to Okayama

Again I was away from LJ for a while..( Hope you all are doing good, being healthy! I was sick a while ago, but now am all fine! It's been cold again (saw some snow already), but like a couple of week ago, it was so warm like 18C. But last weakend got cold again, was in Okayama prefecture on work, where a bit colder than Osaka. Friday night was -2 or so. But didn't see snow. Well, Okayama has some nice places, Korakuen is one of the best gardens in Japan. I visited there in my free time. Also visited Kurashiki, nice historical city. I'm gonna show some photos.

So this is the first photo I took from the window at the hotel.

Some of you may read 桃太郎 (Momotaro) it is a name of hero of japanese folk tale "Momotaro" Okayama is the place of the story.

This is Momotaro. In the tale Momotaro goes to fight demons with a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, but in this photo two pigeons got on his side!^^

After work. I was working until 11pm, got to the hotel at 12ish, switched to relaxing VS PJ, ate second dinner, and took this photo. Messy))
My hands somehow look like oldies' here. BTW I got all beauty products I ordered, I will write about it sometime.

This is the garden "Korakuen" very huge, chinese style with pond. 
And so many different kinds of flowers and trees, but I went there in the wrong season, most trees were naked, and no flowers except Tsubaki.

So I didn't take photos of flowers, but this. Something...


On Sunday I went to Kurashiki. Damn naked trees, but beautiful, yea?

I found swans in the river :)

Another view of Kurashiki. Love it.

In Kurashiki there is a building called Ivy Square, which has some museums and stuff inside. This is inside Ivy Square.

Museums of music boxes. You can also listen. They are all different kinds of music boxes!


On the way back I found this)) Tabako - Tobacco, I guess ;)

I took this photo a while ago with a donut from Krispy Kreme. But this one was not as good as others.
Heart shaped for Valentine's day.

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Happy New Year!

Okay, this post is after the beauty post..))) Almost forgot :D

How did everyone meet a new year? Hope you had great time :)

I spent a new year with my lovely beautiful friend with her fiance. First spent at my friend's bar, since he told me there going to be some russian dishes. I picked a plate of fruits and russian salad Shuba. After we went clubbing, but left soon, and went to their flat, so we could dance to our favorite music with nice drink. The drink was very yummy! Vanilla flavored vodka with raspberries. Mmm so we danced in PJ drinking)))) In the morning my friend made us nice mexican breakfast))) I always have nice time with them <3
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Beauty products to start 2013.

This is my purchase at Also added two more products: Bliss Hot Salt Scrub and Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Anti-Ageing Hand & Nail Cream from

I was just looking for a foundation, and ended up shopping all of those)))

I never really wore foundation - After moisturizing skin, I put concealer and powder, but looking at some of my friends' shiny skins made me want to give it a try. More precisely, I've used a couple of foundations by Dior, Make Up Forever etc, but somehow didn't like how they looked and felt on my skin, so after a couple of tries, they started sleeping in the back of a drawer. But I'm not that young anymore, now foundation may look nice on me. But I didn't know how to put on makeup properly, so started watching youtube. I started watching one british model Ruth Crilly's videos. Lovely! She doesn't put too much makeup unlike many of makeup lovers, seems to love natural skincare stuffs. Also writes down every products with links of online shops. Plus she is beautiful! Well good or bad, I got interested in new skincare products))))

At first I wanted a liquid foundation, but changed my mind, and got tinted moisturiser by Alpha-H. Alpha-H seems like a very nice brand for skin care, so it should be nice on skin, and look natural, also easy and quick in the morning! It took me lots of time to decide what to buy, some of online shops she shows don't deliver to Japan. BeautyBay and feel unique are both british shops I guess, but they deliver Worldwide, plus FREE. But I payed to get my stuff faster))) And good timing I found them, now products are on Sale. 

As Ruth Crilly recommends Alpha-H a lot, I wanted to use their stuff, but then found Dr. Sebagh, and decided to try his cleanser instead. I sometimes get some pimples, although I have rather dry skin. My skin is more asian and smooth, before didn't have problems at all, I don't think I had dry skin, but felt some kind of difference when I turned to be 23. But I had a habit not to do anything to skin for a while, so it was bad for skin while aging, I guess. I didn't like how moisturizers felt on skin, but recently my skin is very dried, so put lotion and moisturiser, but still not same as before. I don't have any wrinkles yet, but my skin is aged for sure. Dr. Sebagh's products are good for anti-aging. I was afraid I might be too young to try, but on internet I read - age 25 is good time to start anti-aging care! So why not try! But I probablly wont keep it for long, want to use it once, and have my skin back healthy and youthful, then want to try Alpha-H. I basically like natural cosmetics. They are good to use for long term. But chemical cosmetics are good to repair quick. Also got a mask by Dr. Sebagh. The cleanser and the mask - two of his most famous/popular products. However I picked a toner and a moisturizer by Pai skincare - which is a natural cosmetic brand. As I used natural cosmetics before, I know they don't strongly hydrate or give quick impression, but Alpha-H's liquid gold is exfoliating as the mask by Dr. Sebagh, so am afraid to use both of them at same time, also didn't see what I was looking for from Dr. Sebagh, so decided to try Pai Skincare. I wanted a toner or tonic as well as cream.

I'll definitely try Alpha-H after Dr. Sebagh. I'm also very interested in products by Barefoot Botanicals, this is another natural vegan brand.Their Rosa Fina Lifting & Firming Body Lotion seems very nice. I got their anti-aging hand cream this time. I recently got a hand cream by L'occitane, but don't like it very much... Hmm but two hand creams...( I don't want to waste money, but maybe it's a very nice product. Also got Bliss Hot salt scrub, I haven't used scrub for a long time, I usually brush my skin before shower, and in shower I wash with hand (Ginger Sparkle shower gel by Bodyshop.) I have Peelin-gel by BE-Max, japanese brand, but don't like it at all, and am not using it. Hmm another waste. I should use it until the Bliss scrub. Ruth is using it in video.

I am not using sunblock in winter, but I heard you should wear sunblock all the year. I remembered about sunblock because saw some moisturizer with SPF by Alpha-H, but the reviews - SPF50 seemed better, but I don't want to use high SPF, but their SPF30 - maybe not that good? So picked sun lotion by Julique. Julique - natural cosmetics, I used their stuff before until they were renewed. I don't think I will wear the sun lotion every day, so maybe it was not the right time to buy... But anyway. Natural cosmetics are better used within 3-6 months. So I will have chances. 

Can't wait until they come to me!!! As I get older, I was less interested in new products, was got more lazy about makeup and skin care, but it's time to change. Become more beautiful in 2013 :)

But I know best for skin - Eat right and sleep right, which I am not doing well... will try)))

P.S. before I posted an entry about John Master's, but since my salon started using Eufora, now my shampoo and conditioners are by Eufora! It is also very lovely :)

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Fun on Instagram!

I'm so into it :) If I have to complain - you can't make albums there, so I take daily shots on phone, some are imported from my camera and editted on instagram, they look so different, and not so beautiful put all together. I'll show you my recent works. Oh I even learnt how to make skin look beautiful))))

Besides Instagram, I recommend you some apps 1. color blast (light?) - you can make black and white photos, and color on some of stuff in the photos. 2. typic - you can add text of several different fonts. Both apps are free. Well there are many photo apps on phone, be creative!

My City - Osaka, early in December

In St. Petersburg, Russia. This is russian donuts called "пышки" (pyshki) with sweet coffee.

Me on the bridge in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is russian stuff, not cigs, called "папироса(ы)" (papirosa/y/) Looking cool, no?)))) 
This photo, I put some effort to edit. 

Made for Xmas. Krispy Kreme donuts)))) We also have "Mr donuts" but Krispy Kreme is a lot better!
Hope you all had nice Christmas.

This is me))))))) I put this pic to flickr not from Instagram, so there is no 612 x 612.

Me today. (already yesterday) I went to a hair salon, had my hair darker, and cut like 10cm! :)

For fun))) At the same time))))))) Also don't put it on Instagram, so 640 x 640 ;( 

Some of you may have been see an original pic of this I uploaded earlier. Made black and white on IG.

Kyoto black and white part 2.

And part 3!

Kyoto again, but I love the green color, so didn't make black and white. 

Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama in Naoshima. I think I've uploaded the original pic before.

Hope you like them! :)